You already own... a high performance Laser

You already own... a high performance Laser

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Making the seemingly impossible practical!
  >  World’s first foiling dinghy using a set of Glide Free foils 
  >  Experience the thrill of foiling on your own dinghy!!
  >  No need to invest in an expensive new boat, these foils retrofit to your existing dinghy,
     just clip on and go!! …. you can even use your existing tiller. 



 Unique design!


   Fully integrated sensor wand, no special attachments or cables


 >  No fixings or modifications to your existing boat


 >  Fully retractable foils - launch & retrieve in knee deep water


  Lifts out and glides free of the water in 10-12kts of wind


  Robust one-design construction, suited to all ages, weights and skill levels.

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