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Winner - Optimist Winner 3D Star (complete hull)

Product no.: WO 12000
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Available delivery methods: Customer pickup at our Store in Zibido San Giacomo (Milan - Italy), Customer pickup at our Store in Torbole (Trento - Italy)

World Champion 2013, 2014 & 2016 
Asian, European & African Champion 2015 
We have improved the 2016 boat after the feedback and testing we did at the Championships 
The midship frame has been made thicker – that give more weight in the center of the boat. 
Still our boats are on minimum weight – just with 250 gram more in the center of the boat. 
Things that make the 3D STAR uniqe 
 3D improved hull shape 
 Low friction bottom. 
 Stiffer hull - obtained by using 15% stiffer foam in the bottom hull. 
 Advanced Winner maststep: Stiffer, stronger and less wobbling. 
 Ronstan Orbit block system incl. Optilink. 
 New non-slip infront of the daggerboard case. 
 Special, Ergonomic Winner toe-straps. (Perfect Grip) 
 New daggerboard tape and plug system (Singapore style) 
Stiff midship frame. 
All these features not the only things that distinguish a Winner from other optimists. Through our obsession with 
details and strong focus on quality, we have engineered the #1 optimist in the world. 
Our philosophy is: The best materials and the best craftsmanship generate the best boat! 
This creates a more costly boat, but less maintenance and better durability makes sure that the superior sailing 
performance is retained throughout the boat’s lifetime. This assures a longer life span – and thereby making Winner 
an inexpensive boat in the longer term. 
For instance, we use the best Gelcoat in the world. This Gelcoat makes us able to give the hull a much more 
hydrodynamic surface. We also use fibreglass that is up to 50% more expensive than other fibreglasses. This gives 
superior torsion resistance and stiffness. 
To make sure that every boat, which leaves us, is 100% Winner quality, we have invested in the most high-tech and 
environment friendly optimist plant in the world. Located in Denmark, our highly qualified craftsmen are recruited locally and are the best in their field.

The new 3D Designed Optimist - build in CNC milled moulds! 
IOD hull incl. all fittings and ropes 
High-grade fibreglass reinforced polyester 
Biaxial cloth for reduced torsion 
Low friction bottom 
Winner advanced maststep 
Special, Ergonomic Winner toe-straps. (Perfect Grip) 
New non-slip in front of the daggerboard case 
Ronstan Orbit block system incl. Optilink 
Grey airbags w. tube 
Adjustable elastic for dagger board trimming 
New daggerboard tape and plug system 
Optimax deck collar 
I.M.Form & Register boo

Why you should choose a 3D STAR 
 A quality product that will last for years 
 Have won all most all the Championships the last 3 years 
 High resale value 
 Winning DNA (build with racing in mind) 
 Orbit Ronstand blocks 
 Special WINNER maststep 
 Developed and tested by the best sailors in the World 
 A Optimist that is not like all the other Optimists 



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