Cabrinha - 2019 2019 Cab HI:Rise Speed Foil

Cabrinha - 2019 2019 Cab HI:Rise Speed Foil

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Sizes: 95 CM MAST

The HI:RISE SPEED is specifically designed for riders who like to ride fast with a versatile and stable wing set.

The Hi-Rise Speed wing set is an all new moderate aspect wing with a faster profile made for, as you might have guessed... speed. This wing set is designed for speed and stability when freeriding and stops short of being a full blown racing wing. That being said, hold on because this wing will go as fast as you want to ride. Compatible Boards: X:Breed Foil and Double Agent.


Medium Aspect ratio, Efficient profile section, Elliptical straight outline, Progressive anhedral with winglets.



    • NEW Pre-preg Carbon construction
    • NEW Full carbon, EPS core mast construction achieving agile and direct perfomance
    • NEW 750mm full Carbon Widenose Fuselage enabling unmatched weight/stiffness ratio
    • NEW Adjustable rear wing positioning for increased ability to ‘carve’ or facilitate a more ‘locked-in’ ride
    • NEW A-Grade Paulownia wood core with unmatched strength / weight ratio
    • NEW Front wing - Carbon construction
    • NEW Rear wing - Carbon construction
    • NEW ABS insert reinforcements
    • Lightweight top socket with indicator for use on industry standard track mounting system or 4 point connection
    • Titanium coated hardware and grease included


    • Chord: 146.5 mm
    • Projected area: 56,511.55 mm²
    • Wingspan: 540.24 mm
    • AR: 5.2
    • Volume: 514,561 mm³

Set includes:
m8x25mm (4pcs), m8x27mm(2pcs), m8x40mm (4pcs), m8x14mm (2pcs), allen key (5mm), Top socket, mast, fuselage, grease, wing protector (4pcs), foam insert (doubles as insert to our foil bag, sold separately)

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