GUL - Power Slipper 3 mm

Product no.: GUBO1273-A8BKGY
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Power Slipper 3mm
The Gul 3mm power slipper features a 3mm durable and flexible sole with reinforced toe and ankle areas, the hardwearing Nylon front panel and adjustable ankle closure make this slipper ideal for

  • BLINDSTITCHED: Seam construction 

  • 3MM D-FLEX:  Durable neoprene

  • THERMOSPAN: core central heating system. 

  • TITANIUM 2: lining reflects the heat back in

  • Elasticated & adjustable ankle cord for secure fit

  • Reinforced heel and toe

  • Durable flexible sole

  • Drain holes

protecting your feet against sharp reef or rocks.


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