MANERA 2018 - Meteor Wetsuit X10D 3.2 Sailor Blue/Rust Red

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METEOR X10D 3.2mm

The Meteor X10D is made for the pure performance.

The inside X10D makes you feel stretch and light, with an extra good feeling on the skin. It is a suit very adapted to waveriding, freestyle or SUP because of its ability to follow the rider’s movements without any restriction.
If you’re looking for lightness and flexibility, this is the wetsuit you need.

SD² TAPE 2.0 - NEW!

Our SD² TAPE becomes SD² TAPE 2.0. The neoprene panels are still sealed together and then sewed with «blind-stitches» (the needle does not entirely go through the neoprene layer for an increased impermeability). Then the SD² tape is now welded to the seam by an air heater machine, unlike past years when the tape was hand glued.

This new process brings more durability, waterproofness and flexibility to our wetsuits.

Available in sizes: XS / S / M / ML / L / XL / XXLSIZE_CHART_WETSUIT_DA_UOMO_MANERA

Colors: Black // Rust red - Sailor blue

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