Funboat - Catamarano Laser Funboat

Funboat - Catamarano Laser Funboat

N. prodotto: PS 11804
Prezzo comprensivo di IVA

Modalità di spedizione possibile: Ritiro del cliente presso la nostra sede di Zibido San Giacomo (MI)

Easy to rig, easy to sail, the Funboat is the perfect entry-level sailing craft. Extremely seaworthy, the Funboat combines action sport with simplicity.

A well-proportioned cockpit allows crew to move around and operate without hindrance. The Funboat’s durable Dacron sail rises and fixes itself in the blink of an eye. This mini catamaran has no centerboard, allowing for easy beach departure and return. Its exceptional roto-molded construction grants it a front door pass for those seeking convenience and fun.

Hassle-free, easily sailed, and incredibly stable, the Funboat fully embraces its name.

For more information on the Funboat, see the Rigging Guide and Funboat Brochure.

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