Cabrinha 2020 - FOIL KIT HI:Rise Varial

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The all-new wings are the most progressive wing sets we’ve ever made. These lean foils are universally adaptable to surfing, wake surfing, kitesurfing, and SUP. The possibilities are infinite, the performance is ultimate.

The Varial’s moderate aspect ratio outline and winglets combine with a faster leaner profile for an efficient blend of lift and drive. Each pump of the wing generates incredible forward momentum. Throw the board into a banking turn and the wing will redirect like it’s connected to rails.

The winglets provide an added level of stability to the wing and reduce induced drag thereby increasing aerodynamic efficiency, especially when riding through turbulent waters.

The rear wing can be adjusted forward or aft to increase the ability to ‘carve’ or facilitate a more ‘locked-in’ ride.

These light weight wings are constructed with a Pauwlonia wood core and durable Basalt fibers. The wingset mounts to our all new 75cm (29.5 inch) wide nosed fuselage. The wider nose of the fuselage facilitates a significantly more stable connection to the wing.

The wing set and fuselage are compatible with the Cabrinha foil eco system. Choose the mast length that suits your style and performance needs.

Compatible Boards: AutoPilot, X:Breed Foil, Double Agent


-NEW 750mm extended Widenose Fuselage with improved stabilty and hydrodynamics

-NEW Adjustable rear wing positioning for increased ability to ‘carve’ or facilitate a more ‘locked-in’ ride

-NEW A-Grade Paulownia wood core with unmatched strength / weight ratio

-NEW Front wing - Volcanic triple layer Basalt fiber construction

-NEW Rear wing - Forged composite construction

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